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Frosty Ornament

Frosty Ornament ~

Free Knit Pattern

This cute Frosty Ornament is for the Christmas Gift Along 2017! This ornament is really quick to make and is mindless. Make it for your self or your self or a friend! Enjoy!

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Level of Difficulty – Beginner
Yarn – Bernat Handicrafter White (Color A), Navy (Color B), Red (Color C), Warm Brown (Color D). Red Heart Scrubby, Orange (Color E)
Needle: U.S. 8 (5mm), scissors, and yarn needle
Measurement – 4 inches wide and 6 inches long
Gauge – N/A
p- Purl

Frosty Ornament | Free Knit Pattern | Graceful Fibers #freeknitpattern


Cast on 16
Row 1: Purl across. Turn
Row 2: Knit across. Turn.
Row 3:
Purl across Turn.
Row 4: Repeat row 1 and 2 until piece measures 3 inches.
Fasten off White and tie on blue
Row 13: Purl across.  Turn.
Repeat row 13 for 7 rows
Row 20: Knit across. Turn
Repeat row 20 for 3 rows.
Fasten off and tie on red.
Row 24: Purl across. Turn
Row 25- 39: Repeat row 13
Bind off and, weave in ends.

Sewing on the Face
Working with Color D
Free hand satin stitch 1 eye over the corners of Rows 9 and 10. Fasten Off Repeat for other eye. Fasten off.
Working with Color E
Satin stitch the carrot nose starting at the center of Row 8 working your way outwards. Fasten Off.
Working with Color C
Use the running stitch to work mouth from corner to corner on Row 5. Fasten Off.

Frosty Ornament | Free Knit Pattern | Graceful Fibers #freeknitpattern

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