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Morado Spa Washcloth

Morado Spa Washcloth ~
Free Knitting Pattern

This simple and lovely Morado Spa Washcloth will make a wonderful addition to any bathroom.
Quick to make for a special gift!.
This is the knitted version of Creative Crochet Workshops Aqua and Lemon Spa Shells Washcloths.

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Level of Difficulty – Intermediate

Yarn – Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

Needle: U.S 8

Measurement – 9in by 9in

Gauge – N/A


P -purl

K- knit

Yo- yarn over

K2tog- knit 2 together

K2tog tbl- knit  2 together through the back loop

Yo1- yarn over once

Morado Spa Washcloth | Graceful Fibers @gracefulfibers.com #spacrochetgiftalong #freeknittingpattern


Cast on 44

Row 1: purl

Row 2: k1, p1, * yo,k2tog tbl, k2tog, yo, p2* p1,k1.

Row 3: k2, *p4,k2*

Row 4: k1, p1, *k2tog,yo2,k2tog tbl, p2* p1,k1

Row 5: k2, *p1,(k1,p1) into the double yo) p1, k2*

Row 6: k1, *k2tog, yo, p2, yo, k2tog tbl,* k1

Row 7: k1, p2, *k2, p4* k2, p2, k1

Row 8: k1, yo, *k2tog tbl, p2, k2tog, yo2* yo1, k1

Row 9: k1, p2, k2, p1* (k1, p1) into the double yo) p1,k2, p1* p1, k1

Rep rows 2- 9 for the pattern

Bind off and weave in ends

Morado Spa Washcloth | Graceful Fibers @gracefulfibers.com #spacrochetgiftalong #freeknittingpattern

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